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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Myspace bids on, socializing in the google phone

Myspace ,the internet giant ,again takes a big step to be among the big players in the market.After the iphone ,which had applications by myspace and facebook,let people stay connected on the Apple Inc. smart phone. Now MySpace is the first to unveil one, for the just-released g1 phone .
Myspace announced the application for the G1 this week that can be downloaded wirelessly to the device through the Google-run Android Market.The market ,is filled with add-ons and games,
built by third party developers.
The g1 is the ,first phone to have the android platform from google ,which makes it stand at par with the i-phone.It is made by HTC Corp and was released on Wednesday by T-Mobile in the U.S. The phone ,comes with a 2-year contract ,pricing at 179 $.
Facebook on the otherhand has no mobile application for t-phone,an media spokeswoman ,said that the company had nothing to say on the matter

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