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Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to register a custom domain name for blogger

Registering a custom domain name ,for your blog,is really easy to do,and makes the blog look cool.
First thing you have to have your is own domain name(if you already have a domain go to the second paragraph),to do that go to ,and register a domain name ,it costs upto 10 US $ for a year.You can also register a domain through blogger itself ,but godaddy is much more cheap.

Now go to your account at and go to the settings page of the blog you need to change domains with and select the publishing tab,select "custom domain",click on advanced settings,now type in your domain name and setup your dns settings at your registar, you can read more about setting up the dns settings here.After all is done right ,you will hopefully see you domain name atop your blog

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Anonymous said...

domain names -do u really think adding a domain name can help your blog

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