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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Georgia tech - university of technology

The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech, GaTech, or just Tech) is a public university (receiving 20% of its grant of public funds) from the city of Atlanta, Georgia (United States). It was founded in October 1888. Originally, the university was called "School of Technology of Georgia" (Georgia School of Technology). In 1948, the name was changed to the name of this: The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Institute of Technology). The first class had 84 students. Allowed the admission of female students in 1952. Now, more than 16,000 students attend the institute, with about 30 percent of the students are women. Allowed the admission of students of African American origin in the 60s without a court order. Today is the university that produces more African American engineers in the country.

Georgia Tech has several teams that play at the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) in the NCAA, including a team of American football, basketball, baseball and golf. The school mascot is a yellow jacket called Buzz.

Georgia Tech is specialized in teaching engineering but also has programs in architecture, science, administration, information technology, public policy and international relations.

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