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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The new t-phone- the world's first google android mobile phone

Open source software are software which giveaway blueprints of the software to the public, so that a third -party group could create programs, or "apps," or even modifications to the original software ,that users can download from the net.
The google android is one such mobile- platform,which could be easily modified to make it better.
The t-phone is the second most anticipated phone(after the iphone 3g),only because of this feature it has.
The g1 with the inclusion some of google's core services ,will be releasing on wednesday,19th ,with a price tag of 171 US $.
It may not come at par with the iphone when it comes to style and user friendliness ,but it is definitely the better phone just because of the amazing amount of features it have.Some of them include one-touch google search,google -maps with street view,the full qwerty keyboard,customizable home screen , 3mp camera,touch screen,and a web browser that boasts
to display Web pages as if you were using a computer.With these features no one could ever be dissatisfied after buying the phone.

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